The Sky is on Fire Review

“The Sky is on Fire is the second album by Aleksandra Kwaśniewska and The Belgian Sweets. It is due for release in Spring 2012. The project is a collaboration between vocalist Aleksandra Kwaśniewska and the Belgian trio, The Belgian Sweets. The band includes pianist Peter Ryckeboer, double bass player Koen Kempe and percussionist Niels Delvaux. The album also includes the talents of young Renato Marquez on violin and singer-songwriter HT Roberts, who adds parts on bouzouki, mandolin, 12-string and 6-string acoustic guitar.

Aleksandra released her debut album, Island Girl, with The Belgian Sweets in 2008. The group embarked on a tour across Europe in support of the album. Warmly received by critics and music journalists, the CD has been ranked alongside the earlier achievements of Anna Maria Jopek and Aga Zaryan. Island Girl was named one of the most interesting albums to be released by a Polish artist that year.

Reviewers are unanimous in describing the group’s music as warm, refined and delicate pop or melodic and tasteful jazz. Delicate bossa novas, slow sambas, folk ballads, club-style chill out and Portuguese fado radiate from the group’s work, all arranged with great sensitivity by the group and enveloped in the warm sounds of analogue instruments. Aleksandra’s crystal-clear, delicate and almost childlike voice lays bare her exceptional sensitivity and talent for manipulating the emotions.

Aleksandra returns to her roots on The Sky is on Fire, singing a majority of the album’s tracks in Polish. Aleksandra has been credited with bringing the culture of her native country to a wider audience, and continues to do so on this album with many artistic allusions and influences. The Sky is on Fire, like its predecessor, includes the works of renowned Polish poet Halina Poświatowska set to music. The album also features a modern update of the famous Polish tango, “Ostatnia Niedziela.”

Aleksandra Kwaśniewska is recognised as being one of the most interesting vocalists of her generation. Born and bred in Dolny Śląsk, this young artist studied English at the University of Wrocław and, thanks to a grant, travelled to Belgium, where she received her musical education. She currently lives in London. She writes, composes and works.”


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