Aleksandra Kwasniewska

Coming back home

Creare – to produce where there was once nothing, to bring to life.  Our home is a place inside us, where we feel in the... Read More
May 2017

The act of creation 

The act of creation is self-fulfilling in itself. Creating something new every day keeps us excited and happy. We are the creators – we are sooooo... Read More
May 2017

Where two rivers meet

It’s Saturday morning – second morning here in Ghent. I am staying in a beloved secret place in Patershol – an oasis of peace and... Read More
April 2017

Album no. 3 – Clover

Magic atmosphere of ancient Ghent during the last days and Album 3 is now complete. It’s going to be very romantic!
April 2017

Live concert review

LIVE CONCERT REVIEW: Aleksandra and The Belgian Sweets “Pop, reggae, trip hop, big band, jazz and elements of Polish folk were all musical inspiration during... Read More
April 2017

The Sky is on Fire Review

“The Sky is on Fire is the second album by Aleksandra Kwaśniewska and The Belgian Sweets. It is due for release in Spring 2012. The... Read More
April 2017

Island Girl Debut Album Review

Masterful nuance and subtlety “Coincidence means that her surname is wrongly associated with Poland’s Presidential Palace. Even so, she is eminently predisposed to higher things.... Read More
April 2017