19 May 2017

Happiness – daily rituals

I love to start the day with a little Ritual. I always wait for the next morning. This is my favourite time of the day. First thing I do when I jump out of bed is to write the stream of consciousness thoughts in Moleskine notebook. It feels so good to write simply with a pencil on a great quality soft paper. I love those moments in the morning. I then often go for a quick run or walk along the river Thames and do a 15 minute personal power exercise, when I practise gratitude and visualise my next goal and this day. 

Those morning rituals are the most important, I can’t stress enough how much they helped me achieve my goals and be more productive and happy during the day. 
During the day it’s usually very busy, with a lot of demand from customers. I like to stop for a moment and go for a walk, practise mindful breathing in a quiet place or simply write a post in Evernote. The last one is really fulfilling and it immediately puts me in the zone. I don’t need much more to feel really good and happy in that moment.
The evening rituals are extremely important too. 

It is the time for asking important questions. Did I get closer to my Dream? What three small actions did I take today to get closer to my Dream? Did I care about the people close to me? Did I love them enough and show them my Love and affection?

I love to write about the day in Evernote and record the little miracles and events of the day. When I write them down I can see a lot of colour and additional dimension to daily experiences. It is really calming before going to sleep. And then I wait for the next morning 🙂
Happy Day!
With Love, Aleksandra xx


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