"Excellent music" Ronnie Scott's Upstairs

Aleksandra & The Belgian Sweets recorded and released three studio albums. Their music is playlisted in Caffe Nero Stores in Poland and the UK.

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            21 May 2017

            Time for fun

            Daily Journal It’s a beautiful sunny Saturday morning and I am starting this day with Morning Pages – stream of consciousness thoughts which, if done...
            19 May 2017

            Happiness – daily rituals

            I love to start the day with a little Ritual. I always wait for the next morning. This is my favourite time of the day....
            17 May 2017

            Small steps towards New Release

            First steps are crucial and the most difficult. We just have to start. And sometimes this is the most challenging assignment after the creative act is...
            14 May 2017

            Words, Love and Skill

            It is actually much easier to write than not to write, to sing than not to sing, to play than not to play, to paint...
            12 May 2017

            The quiet place

            “In the depths of our true Self we are peace, freedom, well-being, and contentment. On the surface of our lives there is drama because of...
            10 May 2017


            “Why should we all use our creative power? Because there is nothing that makes people so generous, joyful, lively, bold and compassionate”. Amos Ferguson I’m...
            08 May 2017

            Coming back home

            Creare – to produce where there was once nothing, to bring to life.  Our home is a place inside us, where we feel in the...