28 May 2017

The gift

There is a Gift that we all have, it is completely under our control and it is available to us now. It is within us and we all hold it in our hearts. We all are creators. It’s somehing that brings meaning to our lives, something that we can always come back to in the quiet hours of the evening, when we are sad or happy. This is our sacred place, our home, we feel like coming back home when we return to do this one thing. It makes us happy, fulfilled, better, in the zone. The world develops fast and we forget that the most precious things in our life are simple. The most important thing, the best of the best of life is here with us, all this time. We don’t have to chase it, we can fully control it. It’s very simple. It’s the gift that we all have. All it takes is to have discipline to return to piano and complete the song, or the book, or the painting or the cake. Simple things are the most powerful. We can’t fully control our reality but we can control our feelings, we can control the gratitude, the visualisation, the affirmation: there is a divine plan of goodness for our work. Our creativity heals us. Our creativity always leads us to love, to the best versions of ourselves, to truth, to forgiveness. 

We can control our gift, we can work on it, master it, develop it, have fun with it, enjoy the creative process of making something meaningful out of nothing. 

All we need is within us now. If we feel like we are losing our direction, we can always ask for help. “Ask and you shall receive, knock and the door will open.” The invisible helping hand is always there for us when we need it the most. We just have to ask. We are always listened to when we ask for help, for support from heaven. 

Our creative work is needed, we are needed. When we realise we can’t pretend to be someone we are not, we become who we truly are. Our creative work makes us feel better, we get to touch and taste the divine. It’s the best gift. The best gift we can give ourselves is to allow ourselves to get closer to our dream, to decide to create, be faithful and believe in our work, get the strenght and fight for our work. There is a touch of heaven in return when we decide to just become ourselves and do that one thing that is the most important and most meaningful in our lives. This one thing is our gift. This one thing is our home. 
Happy creating!
Love, Aleksandra xx


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