21 May 2017

Time for fun

Daily Journal

It’s a beautiful sunny Saturday morning and I am starting this day with Morning Pages – stream of consciousness thoughts which, if done daily, bring miracles.
I played the piano this morning and yesterday evening. I composed a song at one sitting, in one hour. It felt very easy and effortless, something I could only dream about in the past. Practice makes us better with time. 
Today I have an exciting day in front of me – called the Artist date. It basically means – becoming a child again 🙂 and today it involves going to favourite bookshop, buying a new notebook, a set of pencils, and doing some creative writing. For fun.
It’s going to be exciting! 

Some ideas I list for an Artist date are:
– Songwriting session
– Singing class
– Creative writing session
– Visit at Kew Gardens
– Cycling along the river Thames
– Learning Spanish: (good for mind)
– Making a dream board for an Andalusian house (Owning a house in the sun)
What are yours?

Let’s have some fun!

Love, Aleksandra


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