14 May 2017

Words, Love and Skill

It is actually much easier to write than not to write, to sing than not to sing, to play than not to play, to paint than not to paint. 
“Creativity is God’s gift to us. Using our creativity is our gift back to God.”
There is power in Words, there is huge power in Love and in the Skill. 
There is power in Words because they, together with our Experience, create our Beliefs. Someone told us somehing in childhood which we still keep in our Souls and it blocks us for years. Some painful experiences that happened in the past keep us at distance from our Dream. 
We can let it all go, like in meditation, we can consciously write what is in our heart. We can make space for new experience, for new, fresh and exciting words. For New Beliefs: I am a creator. I can do this. 
Our creativity is needed, our gifts, our talent are needed. Our creativity always leads us home, to our truth, to Love. We are led. We are on a safe path when we create. 
We get better every time. We improve with time. We grow. Our voice gets stronger, we have more experience and more to say. We sharpen the saw, we work on our Skill. 
Then something very interesting happens. The Universe somehow conspires for us. When we are ready, the right people appear in our lives. Unseen helping hand. They help us get closer to our Dream. 
When we are ready, with the right attitude, determination and fight, we get there. We release that book, that album, that product of our love, our life work. We are at home. And it feels amazing. Best feeling there is. 
Start now. Show up at the page. Use the page to share your thoughts, to ask, to dream, to visualise, to open up. 

Open your journal page and write. 
With Love,

Aleksandra xx 


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