10 May 2017


“Why should we all use our creative power? Because there is nothing that makes people so generous, joyful, lively, bold and compassionate”. Amos Ferguson
I’m encouraging daily writing to every person I know. Morning writing in the journal, writing in Evernote, blogging in your WordPress. Just writing. Constantly. Every day. Writing is self-fulfilling, writing is healing. When we start writing, we get in touch with our creative energies and we instantly get back to ourselves, we get back home. And we gets tones of fresh ideas. 

Half an hour writing first thing in the morning is liberating, provides us with more clarity, more integration, more strenght, more happiness during the day. Journalling in the evening, yes sometimes it’s hard when we are tired after the workday, but it brings a lot of joy, clarity for our mind, lets us sleep peacefully. Just letting go of what is on your mind – in the Journal or in Evernote, is liberating and we also get an invaluable insight into how our mind works because we can read our notes after a few days or weeks and observe our thoughts and emotions with the healthy distance. There is no better feeling! 

Do you remember Liz from Eat Pray Love? When there was noone to talk to, she talked to her journal. She asked deep questions and received the answers. She opened up to her journal about her loneliness and she received the love that she so craved for at that very moment. 

Writing is the best because you can do it at any time, from everywhere. You don’t need any tools for that, you don’t have to pay anyone for that, it’s forever free and it is indeed priceless! 

So just start today with anything that is on your mind: good or bad. Just let it out of your system. Very simple but powerful. 

There is a lot of power in simplicity. 

Start now. So here I am..

Happy writing! 

Love, Aleksandra xx


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