05 June 2017

Your talents

Your creative talents. 
Hello guys, how are you? I hope you feel very well! 
I am in the process of doing background work on the new release and contact some of you as you know it 🙂 You all have incredible talents and skills that are so authentic. Some of you take photographs, paint, draw, write, have music blogs, are journalists, run your own radio stations – thank you so much to those who are helping with the radio stations. Your support is very important to me. It would be awesome to have the single “Clover” played in your countries – France, Portugal, Denmark, Mexico, Colombia or even New Zealand! 
It was fun and easy to record this album, but the real work starts when we want to release it. I’m documenting the steps towards that release on the blog. 
Please get in touch with me if you wish to draw, paint, write, dance, make video or do anything creative using your skills and talents. 
Thank you and amids all the chaos of this world let us not forget to be kind and pay attention to each other. Ask a friend today how they feel. Maybe they need your presence. 

And use your talents and gift to the deepest. 
Love, Aleksandra xx


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